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The Congress of Free Russia

The Congress of Free Russia on August 31 – September 2 will bring together Russian citizens who openly oppose Russia’s criminal war against Ukraine with representatives of European countries and international organisations that support the people of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s assault. The organiser of this event is the Russian Action Committee, a group of Russian civil society representatives who have individually all spent years combatting dictatorial forces in Russia and believe that we can achieve a free Russia by uniting in a single movement committed to the fight for freedom.

Attendees will include Russian opposition politicians, human rights activists, experts, journalists, and activists from anti-war movements and initiatives across Europe. The goal of the Congress is to unite the efforts of the most active anti-war elements of Russian society with those of their Western counterparts as we seek to build a global coalition in defence of Ukraine and against Putin’s regime. Anyone who shares the provisions of the Statement of the Russian Action Committee can participate in the Congress.

The event’s guest list and thematic details as well as all logistical information will be continually updated.

The YouTube channel of the Free Russia Forum will broadcast live: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvzEqIlwl5vTRPRERFdyfrg