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Who we are

The Free Russia Institute is a political think tank established in 2022 by the Free Russia Forum, the largest platform of the Russian opposition, with support from the Atlas Network.

Being based in Vilnius, Lithuania, we are in a unique position. On the one hand, we have a very limited ability to work inside of Russia due to the ongoing political crackdown. On the other hand, we are able to speak freely and support dozens of Russian social, economic, and political science academics who had to flee Russia. Together, with feedback from our activists in Russia, we can elaborate on a truly genuine set of recommendations for the free world on how to deal with the current regime in Russia for the benefit of ordinary Russians and to facilitate a democratic transition in our home country.

We are also open to cooperation with Western think tanks, political institutions, universities, scholars, and social movements.

Vision and mission

We believe in the possibility of transforming Russia into a free and prosperous nation as an integral part of the global community.

As a meeting point for exiled Russian academics and social change-makers on the ground, we fill in the gap between Western policies and everyday reality in Russia to create a path to the democratic transition in our country by producing policy recommendations and establishing a dialogue with decision-makers of the free world.